These are questions that were asked by our customers and even questions that our Facebook customers have asked. We tried our best to answer them so we hope it helps.

If there are any questions you would like to know, please ask via our contact page and we'll add it to our list.

Q. Are the veggies prepped in-store?

A. Yes, our veggies are prepped fresh daily.


Q. Are the Baguettes baked daily?

A. Yes, our baguettes are baked daily off-site in our sister bakery.


Q. What type of chicken do you use?

A. We use chicken breast only, that goes through our secret five step cooking process.


Q. What meat is used for your meatballs?

A. Pork mince


Q. What type of baguettes do you have?

A. White bread & Wholemeal, which can be ordered in either our regular or 12 inch sizes.


Q. Is there a nutritional guide to your food?

A. No, however we are trying to get that organised shortly. 


Q. Are the rice paper rolls made fresh in-store?

A. Yes, we have the best hands behind the kitchen making the rolls that are quickly snapped within the hour.


Q. How long can you leave the bread roll & rice paper rolls for?

A. We recommend that the rolls be eaten immediately to enjoy the hot bread and fresh veggies. However, if they must be kept longer, we would suggest no longer than 2 hours for the bread rolls. Rice paper rolls can be kept longer by putting it in the vegetable compartment in the refridgerator.


Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes, but only for catering orders over $85 that are within a 5km radius of the closest shop.


Q. Do you use organic vegetables?

A. No we don’t, however we are trying to source most of our vegetables organically shortly


Q. Is the Vego bread rolls 100% vegan?

A. Yes, the Vegetarian mayonnaise, pate and ham is made with no eggs or dairy.


Q. Do you use pre-peeled frozen prawns?

A. No, the tiger prawns are peeled daily.


Q. Are there any peanuts in the rice paper dipping sauce?

A. No, instead of traditional peanuts we incorporate soybeans in our dipping sauce.


Q. Are the mayonnaise and pate made in-store?

A. Yes, it is our secret home-made recipe.


Q. What is the pate made of?

A. Chicken liver


Q. Is your food gluten-free?

A. Our bread is not gluten-free. Our rice paper rolls are gluten-free but the soybean hoisin sauce is not, this can easily be replaced with our garlic marinated fish sauce.


Q.  Can the rolls be customized to my preference?

A. Most rolls come with everything including fresh chilli and coriander when ordered. If you don’t like particular ingredients, just let us know on order.


Q. Is the meat used Halal?

A. Yes, all meat except the pork ham in the Vietnamese pork roll is Halal certified.