What's different?

What's different about us?

How are Rolls Vietnam going to honour, upgrade and up-status the traditional Vietnamese pork roll so all us white sleeved, nine-to-fivers can bite into a healthy, delicious lunch within the budget?

Rolls Vietnam delivers the promise of fresh, healthy and authentic produce to us in a way only a family that has been in the business for  50 years could achieve. By:    

  • Diligence towards quality produce and good health that means only chicken breast and thigh are used and the Tu family make this mouthwatering chicken with their loving and laborious 5 stage flavour infusion technique.
  • No food dyes are used in any of the meats.
  • By making their family’s special mayonnaise recipe in store daily.
  • Pairing fresh herbs and salads to compliment the different Viet flavours like true taste masters.
  • Only using freshly peeled tiger prawns to ensure their rice paper rolls are the freshest and most flavorsome. 
  • Distinguishing themselves from the old Vietnamese bake houses with great service and high standards of hygiene.
  • The only banh mi shops that offer their regular size as well as a 12”inch roll.
  • A menu with a mix of both ‘classic’ and ‘modern Australian’ banh mi and Goi Cuon (fresh rice paper rolls) fillings, making 14 roll options available.